New Ocean Front Dining option in Kapaa. 

With a last minute decision, I surprised my wife and kids. Hey boys, there is a frozen pizza in the frig downstairs, as I am taking you mom on a date! On Kauai, family is everything, actually one my main reasons for living here. But with that said an important ingredient in the success of a unified Ohana is alone time for mom and dad. So what a better way to break up a busy week than to try a new restaurant.

Only in the last few months the Lava Lava opened up on Kauai’s east side in Kapaa, and offers a new twist on ocean front dining. After a long renovation of the old Kauai Shores Hotel to the new Kauai Shores an Agua Hotel, we not only have a new trendy hotel option for that little staycation but now a very trendy dining choice as well.

For the most part I enjoyed my experience and meal at Lava Lava Beach Club. Here’s the skinny . . . great location, great atmosphere, polite staff, understaffed or undertrained, limited menu, overpriced, tasty unique drinks, amazing view, on beach dining, live music, music maybe too loud. Yes, I am kind all over the place, but that’s how it left me. Let’s peel this apart more;

FOOD: I had the LLBC Burger and would have it again, but not worth the $22 dollars. Wife had the Pineapple Fried Rice Bowel + Garlic Shrimp $28! Neither of us would ever order it again, lacked taste and seriously $28? Next time we decided we would order the small thin crust pizza we saw other getting and maybe a Pupu. But to be honest, while we saw others eating it, we have no idea where it is on the menu of how much it will be. The best part of our meal was desert. I had a pineapple sorbet, have no idea how much it was, don’t care, as it was that good. Served in half a mini pineapple.

DRINKS: Yes, expensive, but I had some mint vodka thing, well actually I had 2. Very tasty & refreshing.

SERVICE: Everyone was polite, seemed happy to be at work, but either they needed more training on how cover their tables or more staff to cover the tables.

SETTING: I am not 100% sure but I think this is the only restaurant on the island that has tables in the sand on the beach. What a concept, why did it take so long for someone to do this. If you do the on sand dining spray your legs as there are some sand flees or fly’s that kind of annoyed me, wife never noticed them, said it was my imagination.

WILL I GO BACK: Yes, but I will look for that pizza, and for sure order the same desert, and spray my legs.