For a great hiking adventure, I highly recommend an invigorating hike on the North Shore.

Last month with our kids youth group we went on an incredible hike to the river along the Kalalau trail, Hanakapiai Beach. The trail is located on Kauai’s magnificent North Shore along the breathtaking Napali Coast (Na Pali). The 2 mile hike begins at Ke’e Beach and brings you to Hanakapiai Beach (you may also elect to continue on the Hanakapiai Falls, approximately a 2 mile hike from Hanakapiai Beach).  The day trip took us about 4 hours, including beach and play time, though the hike itself was just under 1 hour one way with 12 kids! We were pleased to find that the trail was in great shape and that this time of year the tide was still down so the beach was completely visible and accessible.

Did I mention the views!?!?! The views along the way were amazing! Even the kids commented on them and they loved exploring the caves and river, all the wonders of nature in one day. As if the views and hike were not enough, the kids, ages 6 to 18, and I took our boogie boards and caught some waves at the beach then ate a great picnic lunch. The kids were having so much fun that the 11 years olds ran back along the trail at speeds greater than light and sound!

As with all adventures on Kauai, we met great friendly people, even some from our home state of Colorado.  The entire day was a refreshing and REJUVENATING experience ~ reminding us there is no disputing that Kauai truly is the most beautiful place on earth.

This just one of hundreds or breathtaking hikes you can enjoy on Kauai. Feel free to contact me for more hiking ideas on your next trip to paradise.

Kalalau Trail details:
Hanakapiai Beach, approx. 2 miles from Ke’e Beach (45 minutes or so); approx. 4 miles round-trip
Hanakapiai Falls, approx. 4 miles from Ke’e Beach (2 hours or so); approx. 8 mile round-tip
Terrain: sloping up and down the coastline, slightly steep and narrow in some areas
Suggested Supplies: wear comfortable shoes, bring water, sun block, bathing suit, towels, some snacks & your CAMERA for the full experience!

* Hike is best done during late spring & summer. Check with local authorities about the possible need for a camping permit and or trail conditions. It is never recommended to venture on this hike during the rainy season, and we strongly encourage you to follow all posted warnings along the way.

Just a typical Na Pali View

View to Napali, from Waimea Canyon Lookout
On the trail, at about 1 Mile mark looking towards Hanakapiai, 10 more miles!


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