Hanalei Bay is a must see when on Kauai

Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay is the largest bay on Kauai’s North Shore with one the Top 10 Beach
es in world, simply called Hanalei. The Bay is a crescent shaped stretch of nearly 2 miles of pristine beach. Nestled by the mountains and frequent waterfalls, the location is always breathtaking. Hanalei Bay is beautiful all year around, but summer offers the bestsurf for paddle boarding, sailing and swimming. . . . . and in our winter months, if you’re a surfer the North Shore of Kauai is where you want be and Hanalei is a great place to be. Winter months can also bring large surf that you will not want to venture into unless you’re an experienced big wave surfer, but nonetheless watching huge surf come in is mesmerizing and fascinating when done from a safe distance.

Hanalei Bay is home to the peaceful Hanalei Town. This is the perfect beach town and exactly as many picture a quaint beach town to be. This small & pictures town brings the visitor back in time to old Hawaii. Although this historic village was established in 1892 and still has a lot of that old era charm, it also has some of the islands trendiest restaurants and galleries, and yes, lots of great shopping. For those more interested in the upscale resort experience, Hanalei Bay is also home to the luxury community of Princeville. Princeville is situated to the northeast of the Bay and on the bluffs and overlooks the magnificent scene. Unlimited choices on the type of place to stay, from the world class Five Star resort St Regis in Princeville that overlooks the bay, or a multimillion dollar home on the beach or a condo inside Princeville there is something for every budget.

Bonus days include a Rainbow. Photo compliments of http://www.MarcusBloss.com 


Hanalei Bay is the perfect jumping off point to enjoy the variety of activities of the North Shore. From 1 mile hikes to extreme 11 miles hikes along our Napali Coast, Zip Line excursions, whale watching (seasonal), snorkeling, swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, fishing, shopping or just soaking up the rays while on of the top 10 beaches in the world.

If you are planning on a trip to Kauai, it’s a must that you plan to spend a day or two in Hanalei.

compliments of www.MarcusBloss.com photography
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Photos compliments of  Marcus Bloss Photography



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Hiking Hanakapia Trail – Kauai’s Napali Coast


For a great hiking adventure, I highly recommend an invigorating hike on the North Shore.

Last month with our kids youth group we went on an incredible hike to the river along the Kalalau trail, Hanakapiai Beach. The trail is located on Kauai’s magnificent North Shore along the breathtaking Napali Coast (Na Pali). The 2 mile hike begins at Ke’e Beach and brings you to Hanakapiai Beach (you may also elect to continue on the Hanakapiai Falls, approximately a 2 mile hike from Hanakapiai Beach).  The day trip took us about 4 hours, including beach and play time, though the hike itself was just under 1 hour one way with 12 kids! We were pleased to find that the trail was in great shape and that this time of year the tide was still down so the beach was completely visible and accessible.

Did I mention the views!?!?! The views along the way were amazing! Even the kids commented on them and they loved exploring the caves and river, all the wonders of nature in one day. As if the views and hike were not enough, the kids, ages 6 to 18, and I took our boogie boards and caught some waves at the beach then ate a great picnic lunch. The kids were having so much fun that the 11 years olds ran back along the trail at speeds greater than light and sound!

As with all adventures on Kauai, we met great friendly people, even some from our home state of Colorado.  The entire day was a refreshing and REJUVENATING experience ~ reminding us there is no disputing that Kauai truly is the most beautiful place on earth.

This just one of hundreds or breathtaking hikes you can enjoy on Kauai. Feel free to contact me for more hiking ideas on your next trip to paradise.

Kalalau Trail details:
Hanakapiai Beach, approx. 2 miles from Ke’e Beach (45 minutes or so); approx. 4 miles round-trip
Hanakapiai Falls, approx. 4 miles from Ke’e Beach (2 hours or so); approx. 8 mile round-tip
Terrain: sloping up and down the coastline, slightly steep and narrow in some areas
Suggested Supplies: wear comfortable shoes, bring water, sun block, bathing suit, towels, some snacks & your CAMERA for the full experience!

* Hike is best done during late spring & summer. Check with local authorities about the possible need for a camping permit and or trail conditions. It is never recommended to venture on this hike during the rainy season, and we strongly encourage you to follow all posted warnings along the way.

Just a typical Na Pali View

View to Napali, from Waimea Canyon Lookout
On the trail, at about 1 Mile mark looking towards Hanakapiai, 10 more miles!


Welcome to Greg Bloss’s Blog! This blog will provide you with valuable information, tips, and general insight into the real estate market in Kauai, Hawaii. Thinking of relocating here? We did over 6 years ago and have loved every minute of it, ask me how we made such a successful move here all the way from Littleton, Colorado.



Lava Lava is it as exciting at its name?

New Ocean Front Dining option in Kapaa. 

With a last minute decision, I surprised my wife and kids. Hey boys, there is a frozen pizza in the frig downstairs, as I am taking you mom on a date! On Kauai, family is everything, actually one my main reasons for living here. But with that said an important ingredient in the success of a unified Ohana is alone time for mom and dad. So what a better way to break up a busy week than to try a new restaurant.

Only in the last few months the Lava Lava opened up on Kauai’s east side in Kapaa, and offers a new twist on ocean front dining. After a long renovation of the old Kauai Shores Hotel to the new Kauai Shores an Agua Hotel, we not only have a new trendy hotel option for that little staycation but now a very trendy dining choice as well.

For the most part I enjoyed my experience and meal at Lava Lava Beach Club. Here’s the skinny . . . great location, great atmosphere, polite staff, understaffed or undertrained, limited menu, overpriced, tasty unique drinks, amazing view, on beach dining, live music, music maybe too loud. Yes, I am kind all over the place, but that’s how it left me. Let’s peel this apart more;

FOOD: I had the LLBC Burger and would have it again, but not worth the $22 dollars. Wife had the Pineapple Fried Rice Bowel + Garlic Shrimp $28! Neither of us would ever order it again, lacked taste and seriously $28? Next time we decided we would order the small thin crust pizza we saw other getting and maybe a Pupu. But to be honest, while we saw others eating it, we have no idea where it is on the menu of how much it will be. The best part of our meal was desert. I had a pineapple sorbet, have no idea how much it was, don’t care, as it was that good. Served in half a mini pineapple.

DRINKS: Yes, expensive, but I had some mint vodka thing, well actually I had 2. Very tasty & refreshing.

SERVICE: Everyone was polite, seemed happy to be at work, but either they needed more training on how cover their tables or more staff to cover the tables.

SETTING: I am not 100% sure but I think this is the only restaurant on the island that has tables in the sand on the beach. What a concept, why did it take so long for someone to do this. If you do the on sand dining spray your legs as there are some sand flees or fly’s that kind of annoyed me, wife never noticed them, said it was my imagination.

WILL I GO BACK: Yes, but I will look for that pizza, and for sure order the same desert, and spray my legs.

Luxury & Resort homes on Kauai

Tips for Buying a Luxury or Resort home in Kauai is a little different from buying the average tract house. Obviously the expense itself is a large factor, but more and more Luxury buyers are using the home as an additional asset in their overall investment portfolio. More than 70% of home buyers in Kauai come from the mainland, and most of these are from California. Working with buyers who start their home search from such a distance requires experience and extensive knowledge of the local market. I know how to help you identify and buy the right Kauai property to reach your goals.

In the 1950s the dream was to find a home and pay off the mortgage, now many financial advisers recommend using the mortgage as a way to not only offset income taxes but to leverage capital for other investments. For those just entering the Luxury or Resort home market, it’s important to know what to look for so that the home not only provides a pleasant living environment, but also appreciates in value as we have seen in the Luxury – Resort areas such as Hanalei / Princeville or Poipu, Kauai.

First and foremost…consider location. Towns, communities, neighborhoods are all very important factors in purchasing a Luxury or Resort home. More than many home purchases, finding the right real estate broker in Kauai can make a huge difference. I have extensive experience working with local and mainland investors ready to add a Kauai Luxury or Resort property to their portfolio. I will give you information about the various areas, neighborhoods and homes that are experiencing appreciating value. We will also discuss weather patterns and any potential weather related risks. The right location is critical if you plan to use the home as a vacation rental for any portion of the year.

The amenities in Hanalei / Princeville and Poipu communities are also very important. Many Luxury and Resort property buyers look for communities; offering security, privacy or even being self sufficient “off the grid”, these are important aspects to the home’s location. And as expected, in Hawaii a Luxury must have a view or even direct access to our amazing beaches here on Kauai. For resale and value purposes, the view will need to be important consideration. Remember that if this is intended to be used as a part of your financial portfolio, then increasing value is a critical part of the home purchase.

There are common amenities seen in most Luxury or Resort homes:

  • Upgraded kitchens and bathrooms
  • High ceilings
  • Open floor plans
  • Specialty rooms, such as library, media, gym, bonus or wine sellers
  • Larger garages or parking for more than 3 cars
  • Acreage
  • Beach access
  • Nice outdoor entertaining areas
  • Reputation of neighborhood

Luxury homes in the United States have become a great investment tool. The United States Luxury & Resort home market is still more affordable than most countries. As this trend continues, the value of these homes will rise accordingly. Foreign buyers are flooding our Luxury and Resort home market with cash and I work with these buyers every day. Purchasing a home for yourself in this environment might not only provide you with a lovely home but could appreciate in value significantly over the next few years. A Luxury or Resort home purchase in Kauai is a great way to diversify your financial portfolio. Let me help you fulfill your dream of a home in our Island Paradise.

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